We don’t do it all,
we only articulate the meaningful

Especially for bold brands, who care to say something worth remembering.


Brands we serve don’t mind getting a little messy to uncover the truth of what makes them special. Once revealed, that brand truth is designed into everything – compelling messaging, intuitive interactions, and attractive visuals that move people, and move the business. 

We believe brands who lead with their unique truth, are able to break through the noise, and inspire real connection. Helping our clients achieve this illusive goal, is kind of our thing.

The mission is to make something that matters.


The cornerstone of our work is crafting visual identities that are resonant – brand expressions that reach real people in meaningful ways. When we do that, lasting bonds form, and everyone wins.


As a purpose-centered agency, we are obsessed with uncovering a brand’s “why”. That’s because every choice we make on “how” to win hearts and minds, is guided by those precious insights.


Whether website, social, or app, our goal is to convert the web into an approachable home for delightful human experiences. The digital spaces we craft are simple, intuitive, and maybe even fun to use.

When work feels like play, special things get made.

“In a world of people with big hats and no cattle, Inkroots shines as the type of creative personality that can craft truly creative and inspirational concepts and messages. They will move mountains for their clients.”

Tom Weck | VP IT & CIO, J&J Consumer Med Devices

“Inkroots has provided VisionIT with outstanding creative services that has impacted and better positioned our brand across the marketplace. David Ogunrinde understands both business strategy and marketing and has taken our marketing tools to the next level.”

David Segura | CEO, VisionIT

“We engaged Inkroots to help us create a visual identity for a new business and help launch it. What we got was so much more than a talented, creative designer - we got a strategic thought partner who helped us create a brand, set up a business, bring it to life visually and sustain it over time.”

Bonnie Levine | Owner, Hedone Gallery

“We engaged Inkroots to help us with our brand discovery process. It has been one of our best collaborations - thorough, creative, and insightful. They basically took our ramblings and transformed them into excellently expressed narratives of our brand.”

Ndidi Obidoa & Chinelo Chidozie | Founders, Bolden Company

“David’s particular brand of magic transcends his ability to listen, collaborate and refine his work based on the vision of his client. It is in his uniquely intuitive approach that manifests in creative excellence for his client.”

Jon Cummins | Founder, Bulldog Yoga

“David, as Inkroots’ Founder, is an inspired leader who masterfully takes us into the “underbelly” of our needs always to emerge with strategies, systems, and a presence that goes far beyond our original request.”

Carla Ogunrinde | Owner, Intend Coaching & Consulting

“Inkroots’ work has literally boosted confidence and brought forward unseen clarity in my entire organization as we build modern digital products at SB. Personally, I am more emotionally connected through this creative work. Thank you for not being satisfied till we were.”

Dev Cham | Founder and CEO, Smartly Built

“There have been numerous times where a design agency has come in with some $100k solution and it does not measure up to the capability of this branding, creative, and design powerhouse.”

Nigel Storey | COO, Johnson & Johnson GSDO