Shaping the
fresh face of
a movement.

Bulldog Yoga

What would it look like to build a yoga brand that flows a little differently from the others? It would look and sound like Bulldog Yoga. A company with unbridled, youthful verve, energy to spare, and a commitment to the community of folks they serve.

Our goals in this engagement were singular – to ensure that the voice of this new brand was expressed as authentically as possible. At every point of expression, this brand voice would be unapologetically vibrant, accessible, and even a touch irreverent.

Photo Credits: Bulldog Yoga


To take a close look at the logo for Bulldog Yoga is to discover the playful approach we took in depicting fluidity, approachability, and personality. The unique identity shows off a yoga mat-enclosed shape that marries the human form with a bulldog’s iconic muzzle. The result is a form that feels personal and compliments the invitational tone of the tagline.

The Bulldog Yoga brand takes a fresh look at building a community of folks who want to move their own way.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Stationery System
  • Visual Language
  • Social Media Marketing System

Client Testimonial

“Working with David is a joy and he is, of course, very creative. However, his particular brand of magic transcends his ability to listen, collaborate and refine his work based on the vision of his client. It is in his uniquely intuitive approach that manifests in creative excellence for his client.”

Jon Cummins | Founder, Bulldog Yoga