A Rich Life
is Tailored
to FIT.

Financial Insight Training

While some financial guides sling jargon and push packages, Financial Insight Training (FIT) specializes in telling the whole financial truth, wielding its power and possibility to furnish full lives that uniquely suit the clients they serve.

FIT is the trusted partner that’ll listen without judgment and teach without reservation, so that their clients can craft their ideal life, supported at every turn, by their deep smarts and unique vantage point.


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  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Promotional/Marketing System
  • Stationary Design
  • Website Design
  • Members-only Portal Development

Client Testimonial

“We engaged Inkroots to help us create a visual identity for a new business and help launch it. What we got was so much more than a talented, creative designer – we got a strategic thought partner who helped us create a brand, set up a business, bring it to life visually and sustain it over time.”

Bonnie Levine | Owner, Hedone Gallery