Making an

Intend Coaching & Consulting

This small company has a very big presence, especially in the hearts and minds of the people it serves. In both approach and attitude, Intend gets truly connected with its clients in an effort to help them intentionally move beyond surviving, to adapting, and ultimately thriving.

Our goal demands that we borrow on an Intend belief, that real shift happens from the inside out – the designs we pursue should help the company renew its perspective, move with purpose, and realize its full expressive potential in authentic and meaningful ways.


In our work together, we focused on a simple, humanistic rendering of the brand attributes. Hidden in the cursive flow of the font-based mark, is the personal familiarity and accessiblity of a handwritten note. Our goal was to craft an identity that confidently eludes to the sacred, sure, and safe relationship that a coach nurtures with her clients. In the final solution is a clearly articulated name, an instruction, and an invitation.


  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Language
  • Positioning Statement
  • Stationery System
  • Promotional/Marketing System

Client Testimonial

“Working with Inkroots is never about the deliverables alone, but begins with an understanding of “Why” and for “Who”. As a result, I’m left with a renewed connection to my audience and, in fact, a renewed commitment to my business. David, as Inkroots’ Founder, is an inspired leader who masterfully takes us into the “underbelly” of our needs always to emerge with strategies, systems, and a presence that goes far beyond our original request.”

Carla Ogunrinde | Owner, Intend Coaching & Consulting