Helping a new
business master
much more.


When you set out to compete with the giants, it helps 
to look the part. JackTrade is a startup that has set an audacious course to help small business owners master the challenges of running, optimizing, and growing their business. We were tasked with designing the face and voice of this daring, young brand.

The task as JackTrade sees it, is to build a mobile-ready ecosystem in which a business owner can manage every single aspect of their business – everything from sending estimates, processing invoices, collaborating with teams, and handling client details. With JackTrade, freedom, confidence, and growth are within reach.

Early Ideas


With the team fully engaged, we uncovered the values of the company, and then used them to inform the creative process. The hexagonal shape of the mark and the warm color palette, echo the work ethic, focus, and cooperation that bees are known for. The design also celebrates balance and customer-centricity; attributes that this young company believe in fiercely. JackTrade now commits to help you rule your business as a master of more.


  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Language
  • Positioning Statement
  • Stationery System
  • Promotional/Marketing System

Client Testimonial

“Inkroots have been amazing creators of vision crafted into dominating visual presence. Their work has literally boosted confidence and brought forward unseen clarity in my entire organization as we build modern digital products at SB. Personally, I am more emotionally connected through this creative work. Thank you for not being satisfied till we were.”

Dev Cham | Founder and CEO, Smartly Built